Industrial Flooring

Building on decades of Industrial and Commercial insulation experience as Global Insulation Ltd, Global (Marine & Industrial) Flooring Solutions are in a position to provide a complete service (from specification to installation) of a range of hard-wearing Weber flooring solutions for a wide variety of Industrial and commercial projects.

As can be seen from above, Weber flooring solutions have recently been used successfully on many major UK building projects. In each case Weber flooring was chosen because it provided the most efficient and cost effective solution to each project. In most cases the fast curing properties of the floor were seen as essential for allowing quicker access to the work areas and therefore more efficient scheduling of building tasks. To read the case study for each of these projects, please visit the Weber Website.

Global (M&I) Flooring Solutions, as accredited Weber contractors, can provide you with a variety of aesthetically pleasing, high-quality, fast-curing and certified flooring solutions that can improve your projects productivity.